Here we present a range of travel-writing kindly submitted by our readers. Particular thanks go to Alan Ingram, John Kellie and Melissa Lumstead who got the ball rolling with there excellent contributions.

We welcome contributions from our users. We can't offer you fame and fortune but you will have the satisfaction of sharing your experiences with other travellers and who knows you may be "discovered".

All contributors will be credited and retain copyright to their material while granting GetAbroad rights to publish their work on this site. Unfortunately we are not currently able to pay for contributions.

Post your articles to . We'll try to cope with whatever format you throw at us but html,rtf,word or straight text files are preferred. Likewise we'll endeavour to incorporate any illustrations or photos into your articles. All being well you should see your work published within a few days provided that it is deemed suitable.

Current Travel Writing:

Southern Thailand Adventure - Alan Ingram hot foots it around Southern Thailand enjoying sun, tropical fruit, beautiful coastlines and ending up with the temples of Bangkok. More

People of the Wind - John Kellie leaves the well-trodden trail for an enchanting encounter with the Qashqai tribes-people in Iran whose way of life is unchanged for thousands of years. More

Santuary at the top of the world - Alan Ingram treks high into the Nepalese Annapurna. More

Cow Jumping with the Hamer People of Ethiopia - Melissa Lumstead describes her experience of the Hamers' cow jumping ceremony but asks questions about the intrusiveness of tourism to such communities. More

Oz Tour 94 - Andy Double waxes lyrical about the delights of the Australian continent. More


Mountain Photography - Mountains are by nature photogenic, but it is not always easy to capture their scenic grandeur in a photograph. Simon Kirwan tells us the ins and outs of mountain photography More

Rim to River in the Grand Canyon - Alan Ingram tells us of his visit to the Grand Canyon. More

Condor Moment - Once more the intrepid John Kellie sets off in search of adventure, Trekking in Huayhuash, Peru More

Been and Gone on the Andrex Trail - Alan Ingram laments the state of some of the worlds best known trekking regions. More

Expedition Chile 1993 - Rob Birrell describes his participation in the 1993 Raleigh International Expedition to Chile More

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